Physiotherapy Options Following a Hip Replacement

Physiotherapy Options Following a Hip Replacement

After your total hip replacement operation is finished you can expect to stay in the hospital approximately a few days. You will be seen by a therapist for rehabilitation twice every day, while in the hospital. After you are cleared by your physician, a hospital discharge planner who among other things gets your physical therapy will visit you. Listed are three options which you might have at your disposal after hip operation.

  1. Skilled Nursing Facilities

These are as soon as they are discharged from the hospital for seniors that will need. Additionally, it will depend whether you have someone home to help you. For seniors who have partners that are unable to offer the care that is essential, or live alone this is the option. Here you secure therapy but also will receive not just physical therapy. The rehab here is much more intensive than you would get at home and your stay in these facilities operates from 20 to 30 days. The time you discharged from these centers you are more portable and stronger. Your odds of being able to work with a wonderful deal of maintenance needed and returning home are better.


  1. Home Health

This is another step after coming home from the hospital a nursing facility or by. The york physiotherapy you get here will consist of 3 visits weekly for a few weeks. If you require it and obviously depending upon your insurance coverage, more can be given. Home health is for the person that is either younger, or has a caregiver or spouse at home that can help you with the day to day activities that are required. Many People prefer the home health setting only for simple truth that they feel more comfortable in their own house, eating their food and, sleeping in their bed. You might progress to treatment after your home health visits are up and when needed.

  1. Outpatient Physical Therapy.

This is as expected in their own rehabilitation for patients which are about three to six weeks out of their operation and are progressing. In the out-patient clinic the rehab is more advanced, there is more strengthening and standing balance activities which are introduced and the patient’s pain level is easily manageable with medication and rest. Once someone receives treatment for the following three to four weeks it is at this stage you are on your own. The Quantity of the choices and treatment will be in the discretion of physical therapist, your physician, and yourself. Not everyone will follow the same path during rehab that will all depend on the person and their progression in making the operation a complete success.


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